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24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

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Q. What type of housing does RPM Bluegrass manage?
A. Single family, multiple family, transient/temporary/vacation (Airbnb) housing and small home owner associations.

Q. What is the fee structure for management?
A. RPM charges a single inclusive fee for the basic package of services. The fee is tiered according to how many properties are under management. Six properties qualify as "investor" providing lower fees and additional services.

Q. What type of housing is in demand in central Kentucky?
A. Central Kentucky is a diverse community of professionals, students, blue collar workers, retirees and expatriates on work-related dispatch. Whereby there is an active market for the full range of rent modalities.

Q. Can I get a good return on my investment?
A. SmartAssests.com places Lexington statistically on the median among 84 cities (with a population of 250,000 and above) with a Price-to-Rent Ratio of 18.84. Housing is affordable for the investor and equally a good value for the tenant.

Q. What type of cap rate can I expect?
A. The cap rate depends on many factors, some of which shift with little notice--tax rate increases, neighborhood gentrification, etc.--however, RPM Bluegrass works with the investor to establish a cap rate goal and keep them apprised of consequential changes on the horizon. Likewise, rent increases are carefully weighed to ensure all metrics align to maintain investment goals while retaining qualified tenants.

Q. Are transient/temporary/vacation properties a good investment?
A. Airbnb style properties can be highly profitable or can be a huge disappointment. Much has to do with location and management, both factors with which RPM Bluegrass possesses extensive knowledge. Let us show you how to make more with transient property than thru the traditional lease method.